Why use Mytriplan ?


Talk to a Local


Even before the beginning of your trip you are in contact with a local resident, a Triplanner. You can exchange with him to prepare your trip but also during your trip, you can ask him all the questions that come to mind. He will be happy to help you, advise you and reassure you about your destination.

Our Triplanners like to exchange and help travelers create their own tailor-made travel program.

Go out of the beaten paths


The Triplanner knows his city and region very well. He advises you on places, activities and events that go beyond the traditional tourist circuits and that correspond more to your expectations.

You are no longer fooled by tourist traps but you will discover activities and places that immerse you in the local culture.


Save valuable time


On average, it takes 45 days for a traveler to organize his trip and he visits 38 different websites.

The Triplanner already knows his city and region. He will be able to advise you very quickly on the best activities according to your expectations.

Thanks to the interactive map it is very quick and easy to create the travel program with all the information you will need during your trip.

Travel for less


Planning your trip costs you only 7€.

The Triplanner is able to recommend activities for all budgets, you can even enjoy a free trip.

Mytriplan guarantees the best rates for your activity, accommodation and transport bookings.


Travel responsible

Our Triplanners help you create your responsible travel program generating a positive impact on local populations.

Before and during your trip they help you to understand local customs and habits in order to immerse yourself in the local culture.

We want to facilitate dialogue between you in order to favorise exchange and ensure that both travelers and local residents benefit from the sustainable impacts of tourism.

Keep flexibility on your trip


A travel is rarely linear. As meetings and events unfold, you may want to change your travel program.

On Mytriplan, your travel program remains fully flexible. Even during the trip you can change it.

You only book accommodation and activities  you are sure to do. You therefore keep flexibility on your travel program.