Why become a Triplanner?


Making TripTravelers love your region

Your city and your region are beautiful but the travelers are missing the essential and are focused on the main touristic places. Why don’t you let them discover what you like?  Out TripTravelers are just expecting to discover and love the local life.

A happy TripTraveler by his trip is making a happy Triplanner that his city and his region is finally well appreciated!

Rediscover your region

Do you think you know everything in your region? You will quickly realize how rich it is. By looking for activities the TripTravelers would like you will discover new places, events and activities that are also interesting for you.

You will rediscover your region and find new activities to occupied your week-ends.


Be rewarded

Your knowledge about your region is providing you an additional earning, you can earn 5€ by day planned.

But our Triplanners are saying the true reward is the satisfaction to make discover the region as we like.

The love for your region is rewarded.