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Please read these Mytriplan Platform Terms of Use carefully to be informed of your legal rights, obligations and remedies. The use of the Platform binds you to Mytriplan (as defined in article 17: Legal Notices) and commits you to respect the following General Terms of Use.

The present Conditions replace the previous General Terms of Use and therefore replace the contract that binds you to Mytriplan.

Your access and use of the Platform is governed by these Terms of Use (the “Terms”) which constitute a Contract between Mytriplan (as defined in Article 17: Legal Notice) and you.

By refusing this contract, Mytriplan cannot give you a license to access its Platform and the Services offered on it.

By accepting these Terms you certify that you comply with them and with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to your use of the Platform and the Local Services you offer or reserve.



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Article 1 : The services offered by Mytriplan

Article 2 : Access to the Platform

Article 3 : Modification of the Terms of Use

Article 4 : Content of the Plateforme

Article 5 : Specific conditions for Triplanners

Article 6 : Specific conditions for Travelers

Article 7 : Payement

Article 8 : Modification of reservation, Cancellation and Refund

Article 9 : Rating system

Article 10 : Sponsorship

Article 11 : Disputes between Members

Article 12 : Taxes

Article 13 : Conduct of Members on the Platform

Article 14 : Blocking, Deletion and Restriction of account

Article 15- Personal Data

Article 16- Applicable law

Article 17- Legal Notices





Article 1 : The Services offered by Mytriplan

1.1-Mytriplan is a technological platform allowing registered users (the “Members”) to offer services (the “Local Services” offered by the “Triplanners”), by publishing them on the Mytriplan Platform ( ” Ads “) and to communicate via different solutions with members wishing to book these Local Services (the ” Travelers “). The Triplanners propose the creation of a personalized travel program, including the search for activities, means of transportation or the provision of travel advice.

Mytriplan offers the possibility to access tourist information as well as advice to prepare your trip. However, Mytriplan cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or that the advice provided is suitable for all Travelers. Travelers should therefore ensure the accuracy of the information and the need to follow the advice provided.

1.2-In the present case, you acknowledge that Mytriplan is not the owner and does not create or sell, provide, control, manage or offer any Ads or Local Services. The fact of publishing an advertisement on the Mytriplan Platform does not relieve the Triplanner, which remains solely responsible for its Ads and Local Services.

By accepting a reservation there is the conclusion of a contract between the Triplanner and the Traveler having concluded the agreement. Under no circumstances may Mytriplan become part of a contract between Members.

The Triplanners act on their own behalf as independent third parties and not as employees, agents, members of a joint venture or partners of Mytriplan.

Similarly Mytriplan, is not a travel agency, and therefore does not make any activity, transport, accommodation or any other service reservations on behalf of a Traveler.

1.3-Mytriplan does not verify any Member and cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy, truthfulness, reliability or any other aspects concerning the profile of Members, their Ads or the Local Services they offer.

It is also advisable for each Triplanner to ensure the legality of the activities proposed in the Local Services that they propose and for each Traveler to be attentive before carrying out an activity or booking a Local Service.

1.4-Mytriplan and its Members may publish Ads, Local Services or any other content on other websites, other applications, emails or any other advertising medium. The use of all or part of the content of the Mytriplan Platform must be submitted to Mytriplan for approval, in particular through the use of tools expressly made available for this purpose or the formal agreement. The use of the “share” buttons is a valid Mytriplan approval, under reserve that the shared content is not modified.

1.5- Local Services may be made available or accessible as part of third-party services and content (including advertising) over which Mytriplan has no control. You acknowledge that different terms of use and privacy policies may apply to your use of such third-party services and content. Mytriplan does not endorse such third party services and content and under no event will Mytriplan be responsible or liable for any products or services of such third party providers.

In addition, Mytriplan may offer services performed by third party providers (“Provider Services”) and the Platform may include links to these Provider Services. The Terms of Use and/or Sale and the practices in terms of management and protection of personal data may differ from those applied on the Mytriplan Platform. Mytriplan cannot be held responsible for the content, products and services offered by third party providers.

1.6- Mytriplan cannot guarantee uninterrupted and continuous access to the Mytriplan Platform. Our servers may be taken out of service, subject to an availability limitation linked to a zone or a service without justification in order to preserve the integrity or security of our servers or to perform maintenance operations. Mytriplan may at any time modify, delete or add new services to the Mytriplan Platform.

Mytriplan cannot guarantee access to the Platform under any particular hardware or device, in addition, the Services may be subject to malfunctions and delays inherent to the use of the Internet and electronic communications.


Article 2 : Access to the Plateform

2.1-Each Member must be able to contract according to the regulations in force in its country. Accordingly, you certify that you are at least 18 years old and have the capacity and authority to contract.

2.2-Mytriplan may, in accordance with applicable privacy regulations, and in order to protect its other Members or to ensure compliance with the law, verify information submitted by a Member and in particular its identity and background. Mytriplan may consult external databases or request reports from service providers.

2.3-Mytriplan can offers several recording modes to the Platform :

  • Account creation: you will be asked for a certain amount of information (identity, mobile phone, address, bank details, etc.). You agree to keep this information always up to date.
  • Using your social network accounts authorized by Mytriplan : Mytriplan will retrieve the information on the chosen social network and will ask you what it could not obtain.

The creation of an account in the name of a legal entity can only be done by a person having the powers to legally bind the legal entity. Mytriplan may ask you for any evidence of this authority and you agree to provide it in good faith.

2.4-Every account is nominative to a Member, consequently you are committed towards all the operations carried out from and on this account. Consequently, you ensure to preserve the security of your account and in particular the information necessary to access your account (username and password).

In case of suspicion of loss, theft, embezzlement or compromise of your account or your login details you must immediately inform Mytriplan in order to proceed to the account blocking and recovery procedure. If your account has not been reported you remain responsible for actions taken on or with it.

Each person can only have one account that allows them to be both “Triplanner” and “Traveler” depending on the services you access.

2.5-By using the Mytriplan Platform you certify that you do not reside and offer any Local Services in countries under European embargo or designate as supporting terrorism.

Persons and legal entities appearing on the list of prohibited or restricted parties will not be able to access the Platform.


Article 3 : Modification of the Terms of Use

Mytriplan may modify these Terms of Use, in that case they will be published on the Mytriplan Platform and an email will be sent to Members to keep them informed of the changes made. These new Terms of Use will come into force 15 (Fifteen) days after their publication on the Platform.

If you refuse the new Terms of Use you will lose access to the services of the Mytriplan Platform. If you do not terminate your contract and continue to access the Mytriplan Platform you will be deemed to accept the new Terms of Use.


Article 4 : Content of the Plateform

4.1-Mytriplan provides its Platform to allow Members to view, create, modify, delete, receive and store content (photo, text, video…etc). By agreeing to use the services of the Platform and to publish or store content on it, you agree to renounce the intellectual property rights to this content in favour of Mytriplan and its licensed providers. You grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual (or for the term of protection), assignable and sublicensable license to such content for any use that Mytriplan deems necessary without compensation to you.

4.2-By making Content available on or through the Mytriplan Platform you certify and warrant that you are either the sole owner of the Content or that you have the necessary rights, licenses and permissions to grant Mytriplan the license as defined in section 4.1. You warrant to Mytriplan that the use of your Content will not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral or other proprietary or intellectual property rights, or publicity or privacy rights of any third party, and will not violate any applicable law or regulation.

4.3-Mytriplan seeks to comply with all copyright and intellectual property laws but cannot guarantee that all Content is free of all rights, in particular in content published by Members. If you believe that any content may be contrary to these laws please notify Mytriplan as soon as possible so that we can take corrective action.

4.4-The content of the Mytriplan Platform is protected by copyright, trademark law and all other laws granting exclusive ownership of such content to Mytriplan and/or its licensors. Any use of all or part of the Platform’s content must be accompanied by copyright, trademark or any other proprietary right notices that have been incorporated by Mytriplan on its Platform and its content.

All Mytriplan trademarks, logos, trade names and other distinctive marks are registered trademarks of Mytriplan.

4.5-You may not use or license the Content in any way without Mytriplan’s express permission except if you are the full owner of the Content. Except for the cases specified in these Terms, Mytriplan does not grant any license or right by implication.

4.6-Through your publications, uploads, transfers and content submitted via the platform you agree to :

  • Do not download viruses or malicious code;
  • Not be violent, threatening or inciting to be violent and threatening towards others ;
  • Do not try to deceive, cheat or lie to others;
  • Not to use the services of the Platform and not to offer any activity and/or services for defamatory, slanderous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive purposes ;
  • Do not incite hatred, discrimination, fanaticism, racism, intolerance, harassment or harm to others ;
  • Do not encourage or offer illegal or dangerous activities ;
  • Do not attempt to interfere with the proper operation of the Platform.

In case of breach of this article Mytriplan may, without notice, take a sanction as defined in article 13.2 of these Terms and contact if it deems necessary the competent authorities.

4.7-Subject to your compliance with these Terms, Mytriplan grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, non-sublicensable license to access and use the Platform and all associated services on all media including your personal devices.


Article 5 : Specific conditions for Triplanners

5.1-When you create an Advertisement on the Platform, you undertake to provide complete and accurate information, in particular with regard to restrictions on the performance of activities offered in the Local Services that you provide to Travellers.

5.2-When you approve a booking request you enter into a legally binding agreement with that Traveller, and are then required to provide the Local Services set out in your Ad and to pay the service fees applied to Triplanners in accordance with the Fare and Payment Policy.

5.3-When you propose a travel program to the Traveller you are responsible for ensuring that the activities are available at the suggested times and dates and to the Traveller and his co-travellers (such as persons with reduced mobility, minors, number of persons) in accordance with the information provided by the Traveller at the time of booking. You may be held liable if the Travellers are unable to carry out the activities included in the travel programme.

5.4-You certify that you understand and comply with all laws relating to the Local Services that you offer and that it is your responsibility to obtain all licenses, authorizations and registrations that allow you to offer your Local Services.

All the activities you offer must comply with the laws in force in the geographical area where the activities take place.

5.5-Your account being nominative, you must provide the Local Services you offer yourself and cannot transfer, lend or authorize a third party to use your account to carry out the Local Services you offer without the prior authorization of Mytriplan.

5.6 The insertion and ranking of the ads depends on several factors related in particular to the search parameters, the Traveller’s preferences, the specialities of the Triplanners, the languages spoken by the Triplanners, the languages spoken by the Traveller, the area of expertise of the Triplanners for their Local Services, the destination of the Traveller and the availability of the Triplanners.

5.7-You have the possibility to add activities to the travel programme yourself by searching among the activities already registered or by creating a new activity. By creating a new activity you can make it private, and therefore accessible only to the Traveller and you, or public, and it will appear to other Members organising a trip.

Mytriplan reserves the right to verify the created activities, whether public or private, before making them accessible to the Traveller or to other Members.

5.8-You have the possibility to make your profile active or inactive at any time. If you wish to make your profile inactive, it will no longer be available to other users and no Traveller will be able to contact you.


Article 6 : Specific conditions for Travelers

6.1-Mytriplan allows you via its Platform to consult the Ads of the Triplanners, to contact the Triplanners within the limit of 1000 characters and to book their Local Services at the Total Price displayed.

Your reservation will only be effective after payment of the Total Price. The Triplanner will then receive your reservation which it can then accept or refuse. If the Triplanner accepts, your reservation is confirmed, if it refuses you will be refunded and you will have the possibility to book the Local Services of another Triplanner.

6.2 You are bound by a legally binding agreement with the Triplanner upon confirmation of the booking.

6.3-Before any booking request you must provide all necessary details to the Triplanner so that it can prepare the most suitable travel programme. Thus, the Triplanner cannot be held liable if the travel programme is not suitable due to a lack of information provided by the Traveller.

It is your responsibility to check that the travel programme defined by the Triplanner is adapted as soon as you receive it, in particular by ensuring that the activities correspond to your expectations and that they are accessible to all fellow Travellers. You must inform the Triplanner of any unsuitable activity so that it can proceed with its replacement.

You can inform us of any activity that seems to you contrary to the present Conditions and particularly any activity that violates the law so that Mytriplan can take the necessary measures by writing to the following email address: compliance@mytriplan.travel.

6.4- You certify that you understand and respect all the laws referring to the activities that are proposed to you and that it is your responsibility to obtain all the licenses, authorizations and registrations necessary to carry out the activities.

All the activities that you carry out must comply with the laws in force in the geographical area where the activities take place.

In case of suspicion of illegal, immoral or contrary to public order activities, you can report these activities on the Platform so that they can be withdrawn by writing to the email address: compliance@mytriplan.travel.

6.5-You acknowledge that certain activities proposed by a Triplanner via the Mytriplan Platform may present risks. By participating in these activities you freely and fully accept to bear the risks inherent to these activities.

Under no circumstances can the Triplanner or Mytriplan be held responsible for any damage suffered during an activity.


Article 7 : Payement

7.1-Methods and methods of payment are presented in the Pricing and Payment Policy. Acceptance of these terms and conditions of use constitutes acceptance of the Tariff and Payment Policy.

Mytriplan acts as a trusted third party between the Triplanner and the Traveller and as such facilitates the payment of Local Services. Mytriplan is responsible for calculating the taxes applicable to all transactions and collects the payment of the service and taxes from the Traveller, which it transfers to the Triplanner when the Local Services are provided.

7.2-Mytriplan offers you several possible payment methods and allows you to choose the payment method that suits you best.

7.3-Mytriplan reserves the right to apply service fees to Members when publishing Advertisements and/or reserving Local Services according to the current Pricing and Payment Policy.

7.4-Mytriplan informs the Triplanner before publishing an Ad and/or the Traveller before reserving a Local Service of the amount of service fees that will be applied.

Mytriplan reserves the right to freely modify at any time the Tariff and Payment Policy and the service fees that may be applied. It will inform the Members at least 15 (fifteen) days before the new pricing policy and the new service fees are applied.

The new service charges will not apply retroactively to reservations already made whether or not Local Services have been completed.

7.5-The service fees are to be paid to Mytriplan by the Triplanner according to the Fee and Payment Policy in effect. They are non-refundable unless otherwise specified in the Rates and Payment Policy.

7.6- It is strictly forbidden to pay for Local Services outside the Platform after using the services made available on the Platform. By doing so, you terminate the contract between you and Mytriplan by the non-respect of the present Conditions and you expose yourself to prosecution. Furthermore, Mytriplan is no longer responsible for the payment and for the contractual relationship between the Triplanner and the Traveller and you therefore assume full responsibility.

7.7-You acknowledge that Mytriplan may at its sole discretion round up or down the various prices, taxes and fees used to calculate the Total Price.

7.8-Mytriplan uses the services of a third party service provider in order to proceed to the secure payment of Local Services and Service Fees. You can consult the General Conditions of Use of this provider at the URL address: https://mytriplan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/MANGOPAY_Terms-EN.pdf.


Article 8 : Modification of reservation, Cancellation and Refund

8.1-The Traveler can modify at any time and in the respect of the conditions of the Local Announcement his reservation and in particular the dates and schedules, the number of person or any other detail on his trip. He accepts the additional costs associated with these modifications and in particular the price of the modifications, taxes and service charges.

8.2-The Local may modify the travel programme even after validation of it by the Traveler subject to a new validation of the latter upon receipt of the proposal. In case of refusal or absence of response the previous validated travel program will be kept.

8.3-The Traveler may cancel a confirmed reservation at any time and be reimbursed subject to the cancellation conditions. Remaining amounts due to the Local, and service charges shall not be reimbursed to the Traveler except in extenuating circumstances.

8.4-A Triplanner may cancel a confirmed reservation, which will result in full reimbursement of the Total Expenses Traveler. In accordance with the rules for the classification of Ads, the classification of Ads of the Triplanner may be affected by this cancellation. Mytriplan may also keep informed other Travelers and/or future Travelers of the number or rate of cancellation.

8.5-Mytriplan may decide, at its sole discretion, to cancel a booking and refund the Traveler, if Mytriplan believes in good faith that the cancellation is necessary to protect the interests of the Triplanner, the Traveler, Mytriplan or its stakeholders.


Article 9 : Rating system

The evaluation system implemented on the Platform is based on 2 criteria :

  • A rating in the form of stars ranging from 0 (lowest rating) to 5 (highest rating) stars ;
  • A commentary allowing Members to contextualize and explain their rating;

9.1-On completion of a Local Service, the Traveler and the Triplanner shall leave a note and a comment about their Triplanner and Traveler.

The Traveler will also have the opportunity to rate and leave a comment on each activity and/or city included in their travel program.

9.2-In order to allow other Members to form a sincere opinion on the quality of another Member, opinions and comments must be honest and based on facts, however, Mytriplan cannot verify them and they can be subjective, misleading or unfounded. It is therefore appropriate to give relative importance to evaluations and to take into account that they reflect only an evaluation of a relationship between two Members.

The overall rating and comments represent the opinion of the Members and not the Mytriplan opinion which is not involved in the evaluation except as provided in these Terms.

9.3-It is strictly forbidden to manipulate by any means whatsoever the evaluation system or comments.

Mytriplan reserves the right to apply sanctions ranging from not taking into account evaluations and comments, to restricting access to certain services of the Platform or blocking the account for repeat offenders.


Article 10: Sponsorship

10.1-Mytriplan provides its Members with a sponsorship system which allows them to introduce Mytriplan and the Platform to their friends and relatives and to be rewarded for it.

10.2 In order to obtain a sponsorship code and to allow their friends and relatives (the Sponsored) to benefit from it, Members (the Sponsors) must either be Triplanners or have made at least one trip.

Members with a sponsorship code can find it in the My Account/Sponsorship section when they are logged in.

10.3-Members with a sponsorship code can share the code that will have to be filled in by their friend or relative when they are asked to do so, or can share a URL link that will automatically fill in the sponsorship code field.

10.4-A sponsorship code can be used by a Sponsored Member when he makes a trip and/or when he becomes a Triplanner. However, it is possible to use only one sponsorship code, even if they are different Sponsor codes from different Sponsors.

It is also not possible to use one’s own sponsorship code or to use the sponsorship code of the Triplanner with whom the Member is organising his trip.

10.5-When the sponsorship code is used, the Sponsor will benefit from a discount of 5€ (FIVE EUROS) on the creation of the itinerary of his next trip.

When a Member uses a sponsorship code, the Sponsored will benefit from a reduction of 5€ (FIVE EUROS) on the organisation of his trip or the organisation of his next trip.

10.6- Members have the possibility to consult the history of the discounts linked to the sponsorship they have benefited or are benefiting from on the “My earnings” tab in the “My Account/Sponsorship” section when they are logged in.


Article 11 : Disputes between Members

11.1-Mytriplan proposes in case of dispute between Members arising from the use of the Platform a system of conflict resolution through mediation. To do so, Members in dispute must contact us by writing to the email address compliance@mytriplan.travel.

By accepting one of the dispute resolution systems offered free of charge by Mytriplan, you accept a waiver of any other recourse, to call upon third parties or to mediate the dispute.

11.2-During his trip, the Traveller may face activities proposed by the Triplanner that are unavailable at the date and time scheduled in the travel program. If he wishes to be compensated, he must, within 14 (FOURTEEN) days after the end of the trip, report the activities in which he was unable to participate and provide proof that the activity was not available to him (e.g., opening hours, maximum number of people, condition of access to the activity). If no activity is reported, after this period it is considered that all the activities have been carried out and no compensation will be possible.

The fact that an activity has to be booked is not a valid reason to call into question the Triplanner’s responsibility. Each Traveller remains responsible for making the reservations he or she deems necessary, even if the Triplanner has not provided any advice or has advised him or her that it is not necessary to make a reservation.

11.3-If activities are reported to be unavailable, the Traveller and the Triplanner may agree on compensation by refunding part of the Price of the Local Service rendered. If an agreement is reached, Mytriplan will proceed to the payment of the Triplanner and possibly to the reimbursement of the Traveller.

If no agreement is reached, the Traveller has to fill in a formal complaint to Mytriplan using the form provided. The Traveller and the Triplanner will then have to prove that they are not responsible for the unavailability of the activity. Mytriplan will propose, in good faith, a resolution to the dispute.

Unless Mytriplan is able to demonstrate that the Traveller did not communicate the information that caused the unavailability of the activity and except in extenuating circumstances, the Triplanner will be held responsible and the Traveller will be reimbursed the proportional amount of the activities not carried out in relation to the activities carried out.

11.4-Members agree to collaborate in good faith with Mytriplan, to provide all the information and documents required in order to resolve any dispute arising from the use of the Mytriplan Platform.

Likewise, you agree to respect the conclusions of the dispute resolution and to proceed, if necessary, to the payment you are responsible for.

11.5-If, after the intervention of Mytriplan in the resolution of the dispute, the dispute is still not resolved, Members have the possibility to appeal to the dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission. https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm.

11.6-No other form of dispute resolution is accepted by Mytriplan for the resolution of a dispute between its Members.

Thus, whatever the dispute, the Members shall chronologically try to resolve the conflict between them, call upon Mytriplan as mediator and finally as a last resort use the dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission.


Article 12 : Taxes

12.1- It is the responsibility of each Member to know and understand the tax obligations applicable to them through their use of the Mytriplan Platform.

12.2-If the tax regulations to which you are subject impose us or allow us, you agree to transmit, on simple request of Mytriplan, all the tax data necessary for the fulfilment of our tax obligations and to authorize Mytriplan to collect and pay taxes on your behalf.

Mytriplan will inform you of taxes collected and paid on your behalf, so you are not authorized to collect taxes if they are already collected by Mytriplan, and will inform you of any termination or addition of taxes collected and paid on your behalf.

12.3-You acknowledge that no claim or dispute in connection with Mytriplan’s facilitation of the Collection and Payment of Taxes shall be extended to any supplier or service provider that Mytriplan may use in connection with the facilitation of the Collection and Payment, if any. Travelers and Triplanners agree that we may seek to recover additional amounts from you if the taxes collected and/or remitted are insufficient to fully meet your obligations to the Tax Administration, and agree that their only recourse in respect of the taxes collected is to refund the taxes collected by Mytriplan from the relevant Tax Administration in accordance with the applicable procedures established by such Tax Administration.


Article 13 : Conduct of Members on the Platform

13.1-It is your sole responsibility to comply with all laws, rules, regulations and tax obligations applicable to your use of the Mytriplan Platform.

In addition, Mytriplan reminds you that the following actions are strictly prohibited in the use of the Mytriplan Platform and you agree not to:

  • assist or enable others to do the following;
  • not respecting applicable laws or regulations in your country, agreements with other Members, the privacy of other Members, or our Terms, Policies or Standards ;
  • make others believe in the existence of a commercial partnership with Mytriplan so as to mislead them;
  • to contact other Members for commercial purposes not related to Mytriplan or purposes other than “normal” activity on the Platform;
  • lend your personal account, or communicate the login details allowing you to connect to it or make a reservation for Local Services on behalf of others with whom you do not travel;
  • creating multiple accounts or trying to create multiple accounts using different account creation techniques ;
  • use the Platform fraudulently by seeking to circumvent the measures put in place in order to benefit from Local Services or Mytriplan services without paying the Total Price defined or not making the payment on the Platform;
  • adopt a discriminatory attitude towards other Members or Mytriplan or aiming to harass for any reason whatsoever discriminate or harass any person for any reason whatsoever or a violent attitude ;
  • seek to harm Mytriplan by any means, including imitation, copying or use of Mytriplan’s property or attempted misappropriation of the Platform’s protective measures in place; or,
  • seek to harm any person or entity related to Mytriplan or its Platform.

13.2-As a Member of the Platform you agree to report any suspicion or evidence of use of the Platform contrary to law, these Terms or any other Mytriplan policy.

In accordance with the law of your country, it is also your responsibility to report any inappropriate or unlawful conduct to the appropriate authorities and to contact us in order to cooperate with them.

13.3-In the event of suspicion or evidence of inappropriate behaviour, contrary to the law or to these associated conditions and policies, Mytriplan reserves the right (in its sole discretion) to verify, restrict, block or delete an account.


Article 14 : Blocking, Deletion and Restriction of account

14.1-You may terminate this agreement at any time without charge and without cause by sending an email to the address available on the platform.

14.2-Mytriplan may at any time delete, block or restrict your account if (i) Mytriplan has serious reason to believe that you have not complied with these terms and conditions and its associated texts or with applicable law, (ii) Mytriplan believes, in good faith, that this is necessary to protect its security, its integrity or that of its Members or third parties, (iii) an investigation is ongoing or necessary to comply with administrative authorities, (iv) you have received too many negative reviews or have cancelled too many reservations.

14.3-Mytriplan will take all necessary measures with regard to your reservations in progress in order not to penalize the other Members and Mytriplan. On this occasion you may be asked to pay a service fee or the price of current Local Services.

14.4-In case of blocking, deletion or restriction of your account, Mytriplan will inform you by email and allow you to give explanations, allowing Mytriplan, at its sole discretion, actions to consider.


Article 15- Personal Data

Mytriplan may collect and process personal data concerning you when you use the Platform. By logging in as a Member you accept that Mytriplan collects and uses your personal data in accordance with the law and the policy on personal data. This policy on the use of personal data is accessible at https://mytriplan.travel/politique-de-protection-des-donnees-a-caractere-personnelles/.


Article 16- Applicable law

The present conditions are originally written in French and are subject to French law. In case of dispute, the French Terms of Use will be used.

In the event of a dispute with the company holding the Mytriplan trademark and/or its properties, you are obliged, in accordance with the mediation rules, to inform Mytriplan in writing in order to obtain an amicable solution. If no agreement is reached, any legal proceedings must be brought before the court of Toulouse, France.


Article 17- Legal Notices

Mytriplan is a registered trademark referring to the micro-enterprise Bastien Pailloux-Mazars, registered in the Toulouse Trade and Companies Register under registration number 838 242 329, whose registered office is located at 50 rue de Savoie, 31700 Blagnac. This company is the publisher of the Mytriplan platform.

Contact :   contact@mytriplan.travel

(+33) 6 48 56 13 45