Mytriplan for a more sustainable tourism

What is the sustainable tourism ?

Responsible tourism is the fact of travelling in a logic of sustainable development. It therefore takes into account the economic, social and environmental aspects of travel and aims to reduce its negative impacts and maximize its benefits.

Indeed, travel has important virtues for travellers and local populations. As a traveller, it is essential to be aware of these virtues.

Sustainable tourisme is combinaison of positive travel impact on the economy, on the society and environment

We invite you to discover the ethical charter for travellers.

How Mytriplan get involved ?

Since its creation, Mytriplan has been committed to more sustainable tourism. Sustainable development issues are at the heart of our concerns and we seek to transmit these values to our employees, our travellers, our Triplanners but also to all our partners.

Promoting cultural exchange

We have chosen to connect our travellers with local people. They are in the best position to help them understand the culture and customs of their country. They also recommend places and activities frequented by the locals, thus facilitating cultural exchange to make you experience an authentic trip.

By talking to our Triplanners, travellers gain a better understanding of their trip and immerse themselves in the culture. Indeed, they share the differences in lifestyles related to religion, economy, language… So that our travellers can discover the country in the best possible way.

Femme en rouge dans une forêt de bambous
Femme vendant des fruits et légumes sur un marché

Fighting over-tourism

Thanks to the advice of our Triplanners, travellers get away from the “classic” sightseeing tours. People who know their cities and regions very well advise places and activities that are not referenced in traditional guides.

Thus, by allowing a better distribution of travellers on a territory we help to preserve the authenticity of the cities and places.

Preserve local natural and archaeological resources

Our Triplanners live in the cities and regions for which they advise. They therefore do not recommend activities that could have a negative impact on their local treasures.

They have no incentive to recommend certain activities over others. As a result, their only concern is to advise travellers in the best possible way to ensure that they experience an ideal trip, without negative impact.

A model that benefits the local economy

Mytriplan is the only travel organization solution allowing local inhabitants to benefit from the economic impacts of tourism. 75% of the income linked to the organization of trips goes to our Triplanners.

Thanks to this model, Mytriplan contributes directly to the local economy by allowing all the inhabitants to generate additional income.

Sharing our values

Convinced of the importance of responsible tourism on society, we share our values with all our stakeholders.

In particular, we make sure that our Triplanners and travelers are part of this approach. Mytriplan also organizes conferences and events to raise awareness among tourism stakeholders.

Voyageurs et locaux marchant sur un ponton.
Femme au Myanmar tissant