Tailor-made travel thanks to the locals

What is a personalised travel ?

There are nowadays a lot of tourism offers both in travel agencies and on the internet. In a marketing concern the terms used to sell these offers are not always clear. Small explanations on the different types of trips:

All inclusive stay

These are offers that include all the services of your trip (transport, accommodation, meals…etc). The services, dates and prices have been negotiated in advance by the tour operator, so it is not possible to change the itinerary. All the more so as you usually find yourself with other travellers in order to reduce costs.

Catalogue tour

The itinerary, activities and accommodation are pre-established and it is not possible to make changes. The organizer of your trip makes all the reservations on the dates of your choice. However, catalogue tours usually offer a little more freedom because you are rarely part of a tourist group.

Toucan lors d'un voyage sur mesure au Costa-Rica
Architecture jaune typique de la ville de Menton en France lors d'un voyage sur mesure

Travel “à la carte”

The organizer of your trip has a list of places, activities, accommodations, and more generally negotiated services. You can select the ones you are most interested in so that the organiser can add them to your itinerary. The tour operator then takes care of making all the reservations. However, the cost is generally quite high because the negotiated conditions are less advantageous than for catalogue tours or all-inclusive holidays, but the organiser’s commissions are significant.

Tailor-made travel

This is the most flexible way to travel, you choose absolutely everything without limitation. Usually, the creation of the trip starts from an empty itinerary and is created according to your wishes. Your trip adapts to your expectations in terms of activities, accommodations, dates, but also budget. The time needed to create the trip is generally longer, but new solutions, like Mytriplan, now allow you to create your trip quickly.

Warning: Many tour operators say they make personalised trips by playing on the possibility to personalize the trip. However, in reality, they offer “à la carte” trips by suggesting the activities and accommodations they have referenced. They usually have a hard time getting you out of the sightseeing tours or offering you low-budget trips.

Deux japonaises descendant une rue menant à la pagode Yasaka à Kyoto au Japon lors d'un voyage sur mesure
Street food typique de Palerme en Italie lors d'un voyage sur mesure
Moulins de prière à Thimphu , Bouthan lors d'un voyage sur mesure

Why make personalised travel ?

To travel as you are

Every traveller is unique and deserves a unique trip!

Why should we experience the same trip as everyone else when no one is as unique as we are? We all have different expectations, aspirations and interests, and travel is the perfect time to affirm our differences. Building a tailor-made trip in your own image is the guarantee to love the country you visit and to keep exceptional memories of it.

It is often interesting to get out of traditional tourist activities to have a trip that suits us more, and that reflects our values. Creating your trip allows you to select the activities and places you want to discover, whether or not they are promoted by tourism organizations.

In this sense, tailor-made travel contributes greatly to a responsible tourism by helping to fight against over-tourism and its effects.

To travel within your budget

Travelling is cheap, only the travel services are expensive. The advantage of tailor-made travel is that you choose these services by knowing the price of each of them. Customized travel does not offer a total price where it is impossible to understand what it consists of.

So you can better control your budget by selecting the services that you want and that fit into your budget. No services that you don’t like and that are intended to inflate the price. It is even possible to do only free activities or doing only luxury activities.

For a more flexible trip

A tailor-made trip is the assurance of optimal flexibility throughout the trip.

You choose the dates that are most convenient for you and are not imposed by your organizer. It is sometimes interesting to leave out of season to take advantage of better prices and escape the tourists. No pre-booking either, you make the reservations when you are sure of your program and this even during the trip.

Why should you be helped to tailor your trip?


A tailor-made trip requires time and organization to prepare it. There are a very large number of places and activities to discover and searching on the internet can be very tedious. The importance of being advised and helped makes sense.

The Triplanner who already knows his city and region and who shares the same interests will be able to advise you quickly about places and activities. He will pre-select them for you so that you have a quicker choice in what interests you or not.

Personalized advice and opinions

It is never easy to determine the quality of an activity or place without advice and guidance. However, it is important to be able to trust the people who advise you, to be able to know the context of their comments, their interests and, above all, to be able to exchange with them.


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