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What is a triplan ?

A triplan is mainly a new way to plan a trip, more authentic, thanks to personalized advice and tips from a local inhabitant. Therefore, it is a trip plan born from the encounter between a traveler and a lover of his region.

A triplan is a personal space in which you will find all the information about your trip that you have prepared with the help and recommendations of a local resident, a Triplanner.

You will find there:

  • Your personalized program
  • Your Triplanner’s advice and recommendations
  • Your activity bookings

How much does a triplan cost ?

No matter which country you visit and your Triplanner price remains the same:

7€ per day of travel

On these 7€:

  • 5€ goes to the Triplanner for the time he spends listening your request and creating a totally personalized travel program for you. 
  • 2€ goes to Mytriplan to ensure the functioning of the site and the development of the platform in order to offer you functionalities to facilitate your trip.

Why Mytriplan is less expensive than a travel agency?

Unlike travel agencies, Mytriplan and its Triplanners are not paid on a commission basis for the travel programs sold but on the number of days scheduled with a Triplanner.

Our Triplanners are therefore not looking to sell you the most expensive activities and hotels but to meet your expectations perfectly.

Moreover, our Triplanners are not professionals of tourism, but lovers of their regions/cities who wish to make you discover and love them. 

How long does it take to receive the triplan ?

It takes between 1 and 2 weeks from the initial contact to the reception of the triplan.

This time varies depending on Triplanner and TripTraveler availability. 

Although Mytriplan provides all the tools to facilitate the triplan creation process, you should allow Triplanner time to fully customize it for you. You can follow the evolution of your triplan by connecting directly to the platform.

The triplan does not met my expectations, what can I do?

If you are not completely satisfied with your triplan, do not hesitate to tell your Triplanner why.

The Triplanner will be able to make changes, modify some activities so that your triplan corresponds more to your expectations.

Does the Triplanner make the booking?

No, the Triplanner only recommends activities and places to visit. 

You are free to follow its recommendations or modify your program at any time. This way you can keep some flexibility.

However, as a TripTraveler you can book the activities in which you will participate directly from your triplan. So, when you are sure to do an activity you can book it in 2 clicks.

Can I share my triplan with my co-travelers?

Of course, just share the planner link with them, you can also invite them to the discussion space with the Triplanner. 

However, if many of you travel, we do not recommend sharing links. Everyone with links has the same rights as you, so it could complicate the discussion with the Triplanner or lead to unwanted changes to the triplan.

What happen if no Triplanner is available or if he does not respond?

If no Triplanner is available, no worries! You will only pay when we find you a Triplanner that meets your expectations. 

If your Triplanner does not respond after 2 weeks or within a week before your trip we will find you another Triplanner. If unfortunately we are not able to find a new Triplanner you are fully refunded.

What is a Triplanner ?

A Triplanner is a resident of the city or region a traveler is going to visit who loves and knows it better than anyone. They can find activities, places and events that match what TripTravelers are looking for, that they can’t find in guides or on the internet.

Can I become Triplanner ?

Anyone can become a Triplanner as soon as you love and know your city/region and are ready to advise travelers. Becoming a Triplanner has many advantages.

To become a Triplanner simply register by completing our form

Don’t forget to look at our tips for becoming a good Triplanner.

How much can I earn ?

Mytriplan invoices on your behalf 7€ per scheduled day and charges you a commission of 2€ corresponding to the operation and development of the platform and the input of the TripTraveler.

Thus, you can expect to be paid 5€ per day scheduled.

5€ per scheduled day, is it not much?

Mytriplan does not want its Triplanners to become tourism professionals or your main professional activity to be the creation of triplans.

The strength of Mytriplan is the passion you have to make discovering your region.

In addition, Mytriplan seeks to simplify the creation of travel programs so that you have to dedicate a minimum of time.

How long does it take to create a triplan?

The planner provided is very intuitive and allows you to quickly schedule trips. With experience you will be able to schedule trips faster and faster.

On average, for a beginner it takes 30 minutes to schedule a one-day trip.

How should I contact the TripTraveler ?

Mytriplan gives you access to a private discussion space. 

This space allows you to write and/or call each other for free.

In order to limit the number of exchanges and avoid long discussions, we strongly advise you to call each other in order to determine what the TripTraveler expects and what its desires are.

Should I do the bookings?

No, the Triplanner only recommends activities and places to visit. 

The TripTraveler must be able to keep the flexibility to carry out or not the activities.

The planner automatically suggests a link to our booking platform for the activities you have scheduled. He can therefore easily make reservations if he wishes to do the activity. On the other hand, if the planner does not have links to the reservation system, you should not hesitate to transmit the link to the TripTraveler so that it can quickly and easily make the reservation.

In addition, depending on the country, it may be illegal to make a reservation on behalf of a third party if you are not registered as a travel agent.