Data Protection Policy

This policy describes how we collect, use, process and disclose information about you, including personal information, in connection with your access to and use of the Platform and Payment Services.
By using the Platform and/or our services you agree to this policy and any future changes. In case of refusal of this policy or its subsequent modifications you will no longer be able to access the Platform and our services.

1.1 Mandatory data.
Registration: When you use our services we collect certain information such as your name, first name, e-mail address, date of birth/age, address, language of communication
Triplanner Profile Creation: In order to become a Triplanner, additional information is required such as your profile photo and a self-description. Mytriplan also collects information about your bank account, such as your account numbers and the account owner, in order to pay for the Local Services rendered.
Creating a trip: When you request the creation of a trip we collect information about your trip such as the destination, dates, number and age of people accompanying you and your travel preferences.
Identity verification: In order to help create an environment of trust, Mytriplan may request and collect information that allows us to verify your identity, such as a copy of your identity card, official identity document, driver’s license or any other element within the limits of the documents authorized by applicable laws.

1.2 Data that you choose to communicate to us.
Communications with Mytriplan: When you communicate with Mytriplan and whatever the communication medium, we can collect the information transmitted and record the entire communication.
Communication with other Members: Communications you have with other Members may be recorded and any information transmitted may be collected by Mytriplan.

1.3 Data are transmitted voluntarily.
In order to have a better user experience on the Platform you can choose to voluntarily and without obligation provide us with additional information:
Additional Profile Information: You may choose to provide us with information such as your profiles to other social networks, photos you may appear on, and information about the company you represent. Moreover, you are free to indicate the information of your choice in the description that you transmit to Mytriplan.
Other information: Through your use of the Platform and the communication you have with Mytriplan and its Members you can transmit additional information of your choice that may be collected.

1.4 Data collected automatically by your use of the Platform
We record Platform usage data, including information such as the services you use and how you use and access them.
This information includes geolocation data, connection data and device data used to access our platform, your IP address and cookies or other similar technologies.

1.5 Data collected from third parties
Comments and Notices: Other members may write and make comments about you that Mytriplan collects.
Payment: Mytriplan uses a third party to make secure and reliable payments. Thus Mytriplan can collect from this third party the data concerning your means of payment.
Platform Activity: Mytriplan collects your Platform activity and usage from third parties.
Background: Mytriplan may, if it deems it necessary in good faith and within the limits of current regulations, collect information about your background.
Other: To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may collect information from third parties such as demographic data, travel history, fraud detection information or information about your activities, experiences and interactions from advertising partners.

We use the information collected and stored about you to provide you with an optimal and personalized Platform experience.

2.1 Providing, improving and expanding our Service

The use of the data and information collected allows us to:

  • To allow you to access the Platform.
  • Personalize our Services with information.
  • Identify new services and features that you may enjoy and add to our Service.
  • To provide you with commercial and technical assistance.
  • Be able to communicate with you and keep you informed of important notifications.
  • Conduct surveys and studies to define improvements or better understand your expectations.

2.2 Advertise our Services that may be of interest to you
In order to send you advertisements, communications and offers relevant to you we may use the data collected to:

  • Send you promotional messages, advertisements or any other communication medium.
  • Personalize our communications and advertising.
  • Manage and invite you to any promotional event (face-to-face, online, sponsorship, awards, surveys, lotteries, contests…).

Regarding the promotional emails that are sent to you, you can at any time decide to refuse to continue to receive them by unsubscribing from our contact list.

2.3 Ensure a safe environment on the Platform
We use the collected data to maintain a reliable and secure environment on the Platform, for these purposes we may:

  • Analyse the communications you have with other members to ensure compliance with our General Conditions of Use.
  • Conduct an investigation to detect and prevent fraud.
  • Conduct safety investigations.
  • Use your data to comply with applicable regulations.
  • Conduct an investigation to resolve a dispute between Members.

2.4 Proceed with cash flows
We use your data to process cash flows between Members and Mytriplan in a secure manner. For these purposes we use all data in order to comply with regulations.

3.1 Public Profile
Your public profile can be freely consulted by other Members. It contains your first and last name, your age, your spoken languages, your city and country of residence and your city and country of expertise and your description.

3.2 Data transmitted to other members
When connecting Voyageur and Triplanner, data transmission is necessary to facilitate the relationship and the creation of the travel program.

  • When you request a reservation as a Traveller, certain information is directly transmitted to the Triplanner so that it can determine whether it wishes to respond to your request. The data transmitted are the public profile data as well as details about your trip (date, expectations, number and age of co-travellers, type of activities and waiting for the trip).
  • When the reservation request is confirmed by the Triplanner, the Traveller receives the following information about the Triplanner: the public profile, details and evaluation of the previous tour program.

We will never communicate your personal address or payment information (bank details or means of payment) to other Members.

3.3 Ads and content published on the Platform
All the data transmitted for the creation of your ad can be visible by all the Members and visitors of the Platform. This includes your public profile.
In order to promote Mytriplan and its Triplanners ads, we may use on other social networks all or part of the ads published on the Platform for commercial purposes. Thus, we can use in our advertisements your public profile, all photos and videos transmitted or published on the Platform, including photos and videos on which you may appear.

3.4 Compliance with the law, responding to legal requests, preventing harm and protecting our rights.
Mytriplan may for lawful purposes transmit any data about you to courts, governmental or law enforcement authorities or authorized third parties, if required or permitted by law, or if such disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply.
According to the request of the competent authority we can inform or not the Member whose data were transmitted.

3.5 Service providers
Mytriplan uses third party service providers to help us provide you with the best experience on the Platform that can be European or International.
In order to ensure the operation of these services Mytriplan must provide personal information. However, as soon as we are able to do so, we will anonymise the data transmitted.

3.6 Our business partners
Our business partners can promote their services on our Platform.

By subscribing to their offers you agree to let us communicate all information strictly necessary to subscribe to their services.

3.7 Redemption, Termination or Liquidation
In the event of the acquisition of all or part of Mytriplan, termination or liquidation, we may assign, transfer or sell any information in our possession, including personal data.

4.1 Moderation and analysis of your communications.
We can read, analyze and moderate all messages and communications exchanged on the Platform in order to preserve in good faith the interests of Mytriplan.
We may therefore use your messages to verify the adequacy of Local Services with Travellers’ expectations, prevent and detect fraud, assess risks or ensure compliance with the Terms of Use or any other policy.
However, we undertake not to use your messages and communications to send you marketing messages from us or from our third parties or to resell your communications.

4.2 Third-party partners and integrations
Our Platform may contain links to services or sites external to Mytriplan. We cannot control your activity or the data that may be collected about you. We therefore encourage you to refer to the general conditions and their data protection policies.

We are committed to complying with all local regulations on the protection of your personal data even if the conditions are not listed below. However, we undertake to guarantee to all our Members:

5.1 Changing your information.
You may at any time request Mytriplan to change your inaccurate or incomplete information or due to a change in circumstances or to delete all your data by requesting deletion of your account

5.2 Data access and portability.
In some jurisdictions, applicable law may allow you to request copies of your personal information that we hold. You may also be entitled to request copies of the personal information you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and/or request us to transmit such information to another service provider (where technically possible).
However, in order to give you access to this information, we may ask you to verify your identity and request additional information.
In order to respond to your request you agree to allow us reasonable processing time.

5.3 Retention of your data.
We keep your data as long as necessary and within the limits of our legal obligations. However, you may request the deletion of your personal data and the closure of your Member account.
However, in order to protect the interests of Mytriplan, we may retain any information that may be usable in connection with fraud detection and improving the security of the Platform or our legal obligations.
All information shared with other Members cannot be deleted and will continue to be visible, including notices left, messages and comments exchanged.
You have a right to set guidelines on your data after your death. You must specifically request it and your right will be applied once Mytriplan has been informed of your death.

5.4 Filing complaints.
You have the right to file complaints regarding Mytriplan’s data processing activities with the relevant data protection authorities if you believe that we have not respected your rights.


Mytriplan reserves the right to modify this Data Protection Policy at any time.
We will inform you within a reasonable time of any changes and invite you to review them. Refusal of a modification will result in the revocation of your rights on the Mytriplan Platform and you will therefore no longer be able to access our services.
We invite you to visit this page regularly to review the latest version of our policy.

For any questions regarding our processing of your data or for any complaints we invite you to contact us by :
Mail :
Mail: Mytriplan – 50 rue de Savoie – 31700 Blagnac – France


This policy was written in French, in case of dispute the French policy will be the applicable policy. In case of doubt please refer to it.