How to become a good Triplanner

Becoming Triplanner is not something that can be taking lightly. You should remind that a traveler will follow your recommendations and therefore he expects good advises that fit with his expectations. 

But becoming Triplanner is also the pleasure to make discovering your region and your best and secret activities and places. Please check why you should become Triplanner.

Mytriplan is mainly a meeting platform between travelers and local inhabitants. Therefore, it is important to take care of your presentation in order to catch the attention of the travelers.

Beautiful pictures and a good description will attract TripTravelers to your profile.

Be careful in the choice of your “specialties”, if you put too much you take the risk to no being able to meet TripTravelers’ expectations. It is a better option to have few specialties but being able to provide the best advice than to be badly rated.

Once your are in contact with the TripTraveler do not forget to present yourself.

The TripTraveler must feel confortable speaking with you and therefore he has to trust in you. The best way to built a good relationship is by knowing each other.

You can start with your personal informations (name, age, profession) and to explain him why you know very well your city and why you are Triplanner.

Before to be contacted by a TripTraveler, it is important to think about all the information you will need to prepare a triplan in order to ask all the necessary questions.

It is also important to show that before the interview you have read the presentation of the TripTraveler and his expectations.

Don’t worry we will stay here to help you.

Here are some examples:

  • What do you mainly like while traveling? What is not acceptable for you?
  • Do you have means of transport or will you use public transportation?
  • How many kilometers are you willing to do for an activity?
  • Do you like to walk? If yes, how many kilometers are you willing to walk?

Do not forget that we all have a different way to travel. It is really important to understand the TripTraveler’s expectations for each part of a travel.

There are as many way to travel as there are people, it is primordial to understand their expectations to advice them.

If the TripTravelers use Mytriplan it is to benefit from personalized advice and to have objectives opinion from a local inhabitant who can find them out activities not inventoried on the touristic websites.

Therefore, if you consider a TripTraveler can enjoy it, do not hesitate in suggesting him activities and places you like even if out of the classical tours.

Our TripTravelers like to receive advice and opinions about activities they did not know about before.

According to your “specialties” it is important to keep informed about novelties and events in order to provide the best advice to the TripTravelers.

If the Tourism Offices provide lot of information you must find others sources of information that can keep you always aware of the new trends and events.

You may discover your region differently and discover new places!

Your reactivity to the questions and requests from TripTravelers is a proof of your rigorousness and reassure them about the program and the activities you will suggest.

Before to accept any request be sure that you will have the time and the reactivity to answer the TripTraveler.

Mytriplan invite the Triplanners to answer to a request within 3 days. If not, the TripTraveler would be able to contact another Triplanner.