Make a more authentic trip

What is an authentic trip?

Every traveller has a different feeling about the authenticity of a trip. Some will consider that discovering a destination makes it an authentic trip while for others it is necessary to avoid all touristic places and live during the trip like a local. However, we often find the same determining aspects when it comes to the authenticity of a trip, here are our tips for living a more authentic trip:

Avoid tourist attractions  

There is nothing more frustrating than to find yourself in a tourist attraction, those restaurants, activities, places, shows that have nothing natural or authentic. The more you find yourself in an area with a high density of tourists, the greater the risk of being caught up in a tourist trap. To avoid this, don’t hesitate to go a little further away to look for the areas frequented by the locals, where you will find the most authentic experiences. It is often difficult to know where to go and the best way is certainly to ask to locals.

Contact with local people

It is not possible to experience an authentic trip without immersing oneself in the local people and talking with them. The locals will always be happy to exchange with you, to show you around or simply to inform you. So don’t hesitate to visit the places they like, especially the bars where it is easy to meet people.

Immerse yourself more than just visit

If you go from one tourist activity to another without ever taking the time to immerse yourself in the city, you won’t be able to live an authentic experience. On the contrary, take advantage of your stay to participate in the life of the city. This can include asking what people do and where they go and doing the same. You can also go and eat where the locals eat or simply stroll around the city and the markets.

Tailor-made travel

There is nothing better than creating (or having created) a personalized and tailor-made trip for you. On the one hand it will allow you to get out of the classic tourist circuits where you only see a few locals, but above all by doing activities that correspond to you, you will meet people who have the same interests as you.

Sustainable travel

By immersing yourself in your destination you contribute to the development of a more sustainable tourism. Indeed, by moving away from the major tourist centres you allow the inhabitants to re-appropriate these areas, you contribute to a cultural exchange with the inhabitants and you ensure a better distribution of income linked to tourism.

Why go on an authentic trip?

To better understand customs and culture

By immersing yourself in the country, visiting the same places as the locals, you will have the opportunity to better understand their customs and culture. It is then possible to grasp all the complexity and difference. It is only through a better understanding of cultures that a cultural mix is possible.

To meet the locals

It is a bit the ultimate goal of all travelers, to be able to meet people in all countries of the world, but especially to meet locals with no other interest than the desire to discover other people. Many locals like to chat with travellers, have a drink with them or simply share a moment. They will make you live a unique and authentic experience, you will certainly be the only one to have met this inhabitant.

And it is particularly rewarding to be able to have acquaintances from all over the world.

To be more responsible

By seeking to experience an authentic journey you contribute to a more responsible travel. By getting out of the tourist areas and inserting yourself in the local culture you help to preserve it. Moreover, it also allows a better distribution of the flow of travellers protecting certain saturated places while ensuring a better distribution of tourism revenues.

Why prepare your authentic trip with a local?

Explain the culture

If you are helped by a Triplanner, he will be able to help you understand the local culture. You have the possibility to ask him all the questions that will help you to better understand it.

He can explain to you better than anyone else how the locals behave, what their beliefs are, and what to do or not to do.

Meeting local people

By having the opportunity to talk with a local person beforehand, he or she will be able to explain to you what the habits are in the country and what places and activities are frequented by the locals. Thanks to this you will have the possibility to meet more easily the inhabitants and to be able to exchange with them.

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