About Mytriplan

Mytriplan was created with the ambition to make each trip a unique experience. Travelling has always been a way to discover new cultures, bring people together and encourage encounters. We wish to put this human aspect at the heart of travel. Thus, we allow each traveller to contact passionate local people, our Triplanners. Thanks to our platform, they can exchange ideas, advise each other about activities and places to visit and create a tailor-made itinerary.


We are the first platform to co-create travel programs between individuals.

Our origins

Bastien Pailloux – Founder:

“In 2014 I went to live and work in Mexico. When I had just arrived in the country, the Mexicans wanted to show me their country, sometimes in remote and non-touristic regions. They really wanted me to love their country the way they loved it. Often the only “tourist” among the Mexicans, I took part in parties and did activities that still today I do not find on the guides… Result: I loved it!

In 2015, I leave for India, the situation was the same and I (re)discovered with a new eye a country I already knew. By leaving the tourist circuits to follow the advice of the Indians, I understood better their culture, their religion and caught the richness of this country… It transformed me.

I understood that whatever the country, the local inhabitants love their country and want to make discover it. They are ready to recommend places outside the tourist circuits… And I enjoyed my travels much more.

In 2016, just returned to France, Mexicans and Indians visiting Paris ask me for advice on activities to do, places to visit… I loved making them a personalized program of places that I enjoy.

I was not the only one who wanted to leave the tourist circuits, to want to discover the countries differently. But we all need someone to reassure us and advise us on our journey. We want to make sure we enjoy our trip.”

Our values

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Human first

At Mytriplan Human is a priority. We will always put human contact and respect for everyone before any other interest..

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Travel in the blood

Travel is second nature for us. We have all visited many countries on the 5 continents. We’ll take you with us on our next trip.

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Sharing : our driving force

Sharing is vital for us. It allows everyone to grow together, besides, it is because Triplanners share their knowledge that your trips are more exciting. So don’t hesitate to tell us about your own experiences!

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Authenticity is our leitmotif

Everyone must be able to be confident when using Mytriplan. That is why the authenticity of people, activities, programmes and exchanges is a priority.

These values and our convictions, based on ethics, responsibility, solidarity and social issues, have led us to commit Mytriplan and all its users to a more responsible and beneficial tourism for all.