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The Netherlands is a small country which hide a lot of places to discover. Known for its tulips, its cheese and its windmills, there is a lot of other things to see.

Holland is famous thanks to cities as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, the Keukenhof flower garden or for the windmill village of Zaanse Schans. However, the rest of the Netherlands (which are composed of 12 provinces) tends to be forgotten by travelers.


The Zeeland province is the closest to the north of France. You can mainly enjoy the beach, and the vegetation expanses for lovely seaside walks. There are also cities to discover, as Middleburg and its beautiful gothic style town hall. The Walcheren canal which crosses the city offers a typical Dutch urban landscape. In the north, Veere will seduce travelers looking for peace who come to wander through the paved alleys.


Gelderland is the largest province of the Netherlands and probably the “greenest” one. There are very few large cities and we come here to discover its magnificient nature.

The national park “De Hoge Veluwe” is the must-see of the region, with its diverse landscape covering 5,000 hectares. Cycling is the best way to go through forests, lakes, fields and dunes in search of wildlife. It is also in Gelderland that the Het Loo palace is located, less known that the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, it has magnificent gardens.


Groningen province is located in the far north of the Netherlands. The capital of the same name is to be visited, in particular the Reitdiephaven port and its colorful houses.

For a more authentic visit, the fortified village of Bourtange at the German border is ideal. This village built during the Eighty Years’ War is fortified with star-shaped canals.


The main activity in Friesland is to discover its islands in the Wadden Sea.

The Frisian Islands offer beaches as far as the eye can see and immense natural reserves. There are 5 islands, and each has its own particularities. Schiermonnikoog is the smallest one, there is only one village but you can find there the longest beach in Europe. At Pentecost, the “Kallemooifeest” is taking place, a traditional celebration on the island.

The Netherlands is a destination where you have to plan a large budget, especially because of the price of accommodation. However, it is possible to reduce your budget because the quality of the services is very good and it is possible to make a lot of free city tours. On the other hand, museums are expensive compared to other European countries.

On average, travellers spend about 165€/day. It will be difficult to organize a trip for less than 50€ per day. For a luxurious trip, it is better to count 295€ per day.

Accommodation is particularly expensive in Amsterdam because of the large number of travellers and the size of the city. If you stay far away from the centre you can reduce your budget considerably.

Flights to Amsterdam cost between €130 and €250 depending on the city of origin.

Low budget


Average budget


High budget


Paris – Amsterdam180€

The climate in the Netherlands is temperate and subject to maritime weather conditions. From November to March, the weather is mainly rain, wind and mist, and winter is quite cold.

To fully enjoy the flowering season, April and May are ideal months. It is especially in May that it rains the least, and that it starts to be good enough for bike rides.

June and July can be quite rainy but it is during summer months (from June to September) that it will be the hottest. It is thus possible to enjoy the beaches.


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