Known for its cheeses, chocolate and mountains, Switzerland is an ideal destination all year round.

Culturally divided between the French, German and Italian regions, the country is full of places to discover. Whether it is for its large cities of Geneva and Zurich, its capital Bern or its lakes and peaks, Switzerland seduces every traveler.

The French-speaking part of Switzerland

Geneva, whose tip of Lake Geneva seems to advance into the city, is emerging as a city of culture where nature is cherished. There are other cities to discover on the shores of the lake, such as Lausanne, where the largest Swiss cathedral is located, or Montreux and its many internationally renowned festivals.

Lake region, it is also in the French part that Lake Neufchâtel is located, where it is possible to practice many activities (swimming, diving, boat trips, water skiing…). It jealously defends his title of “Switzerland’s Cleanest Lake” against those of Biel and Murten, which form the “3 Lakes” region. In the surroundings, you can visit the historical centre of Yverdon-les-Bains, the Caves of Vallorbe or the castle of Grandson.

Finally, for the most sporty, Switzerland offers many possibilities. For example, you can cross a suspension bridge between two peaks at Glacier 3000, the Peak Walk.

Italian-speaking region

In Italian Switzerland, in addition to the language, there is a very special Mediterranean atmosphere that reminds Italy. This region of Switzerland is perfect for holiday stays, especially the city of Lugano and its surroundings. You can stroll along the lake of the same name, or in the “Parco Ciani”.

For a beautiful view of the whole region, the ascent to Monte Brè via the funicular is worth a visit. In addition, the village of Brè is also very pretty with its stone houses and is the starting point for many hikes. Around the same lake of Lugano, the village of Vico Morcote has all the characteristics of an Italian village with its charming squares and small colourful alleys.

Finally, the city of Locarno, which is more touristy, is a must in Italian Switzerland with its “Piazza Grande” because of its level of sunshine. It is an ideal holiday destination.

German-speaking Switzerland

The German region is the largest in Switzerland , it is in this one that Zurich is located, but also Berne, the capital.

Bern has many assets that it has managed to preserve, such as its old centre, which has the appearance of an alpine village, including the Zytglogge, a remarkable clock tower. Around the city, Gurten Hill offers a view of the Swiss countryside with the Alps in the background.

Further east, and more touristic, the city of Lucerne and its view of Lake Lucerne are worth a visit for their medieval architecture. The Kapellbrücke pedestrian bridge has made the city famous.

It is in this part of Switzerland that the Entlebuch biosphere, a UNESCO protected area, is located and offers beautiful hikes among wild fauna and flora.

Finally, for the more sporty, the German part also has its highlights. The city of Zermatt, famous for its ski resort, is located in the south of German-speaking Switzerland. In the east of the country, Parc Ela is probably one of the most beautiful in the country.


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Depending on the activities you want to do, Switzerland is a possible destination all year round.

In winter, temperatures drop with altitude, and some peaks are covered with snow all year round. The country is adorned with white offering magnificent landscapes. It is the ideal season for winter sports.

For city walks or mountain hikes, the summer period is more appropriate (June to September).





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