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Slovenia is an ideal country for nature lovers, it is still a secret and well-preserved destination. The sweetness of life is remarkable, especially in the capital Ljubljana.

Composed of 5 historical regions, the country has very varied landscapes between coastline and continent.

Slovenian coast and its Italian influences

The two most westerly regions of the country form the Slovenian Coast. The Goriška, which borders Italy, has no beach on the Adriatic Sea. This little-known region is famous for its vineyards and orchards, for a trip to Slovenia off the beaten paths it is the perfect destination. You can also see many fortified villages, such as Šmartno and its charming alleys.

In the south of the coast, Slovenian Istria offers beautiful coastal cities such as Koper and its medieval old town or Izola and its port. Further south, Piran and its ramparts, wonders of the Slovenian Riviera, offer a magnificent view on the city and the sea.

The Carniola

La Carniole is home to Slovenia’s 2 main attractions, Ljubljana, the capital and Bled, whose church in the middle of a lake dominated by the castle and surrounded by mountains, amazes travellers…

A unique way to visit Ljubljana is to canoe along the Ljubljanica River to see the beautiful facades of the city.

In the same region, the Triglav National Park offers many activities in beautiful places. The surroundings of Lake Bohinj are ideal to discover the natural mountain landscapes.

Slovenia is known for its many caves, as the Krizna Jama caves is very well preserved you will have the chance to be almost alone during your visit.

Finally, for hiking lovers, Velika Planina offers the most beautiful walks in the Julian Alps. The hikes offer authentic landscapes and allow you to discover one of the last high mountain shepherd villages in Europe. The chalets have kept their traditional appearance with their spruce roofs. During the summer months, the shepherds take possession of the area and enjoy sharing their daily lives with the hikers.

Eastern Slovenia

The most eastern regions of Slovenia are Slovenian Carinthia, Lower Styria and Prekmurje. These territories are generally left aside by travellers, however, they allow beautiful contacts with Slovenians and their culture.

Indeed, one of the oldest cities in the country, Ptuj, is located in Lower Styria. It is mainly the squares that make this city so beautiful, such as Mestni Trg, whose surrounding buildings were built in a purely Slovenian style.

The largest castle in Slovenia is located further west in the city of Celje. Perched on three hills, it dominates the entire valley and is a witness of the region’s glorious past. The small neighbouring town of Zalec has a worldwide reputation due to the installation the first beer fountain, designed to promote the quality of regional brewers.

Maribor, the country’s second largest city, is also known to have been the European Capital of Culture.

The Vinarium Tower, in the Prekmurje region, offers an extraordinary view of the surrounding Slovenian countryside.


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Slovenia is attractive for winter sports fans during the snowy months and for holiday travelers in the summer season.

It is obviously during the winter period that it will be the coldest (December to February). Summer offers mild to warm temperatures and a bright sunshine. The end of this season (August and September) is better than spring, with less rain.

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