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Norway is considered as the European New Zealand, with its magnificent natural landscapes.

This Scandinavian country is particularly famous for its fjords, its capital Oslo and because it offers the opportunity to see the Northern Lights in the far north.

North-Norge, for its northern landscapes

Northern Norway is the largest region. It is where you can observe the Northern Lights. Tromsø, the regional capital, is beautiful with its colourful houses, but in Northern Norway the beauty of the landscape is mainly in nature.

It is also in this region that the Lofoten Islands are located. You can go from one island to another by boat, which offers magnificent views. In addition, there are many small fishing villages to discover, such as Henningsvær.

Northern Norway is also a perfect region for hiking during the summer season. Especially in the other archipelagos of the region, including Vesterålen and Senja.

Midt-Norge, Norway between tradition and nature

Midt-Norge is a region rich in tradition, culture and history. You can visit a medieval farm and Viking houses in Stiklestad. In Trondheim, a Viking show is held every June, but above all, there is one of the most beautiful fjords of the region.

In this region you can also find the Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park, not really known by the general public. But whose many valleys and landscapes, untouched by human, amaze hikers.

Vestlandet, to discover the fjords of Norway 

The Vestlandet is THE region of fjords, and eternal glaciers. The most famous fjords are Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, they are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. There are hundreds more, further south there is Lysefjord, or Sognefjord, the longest Norwegian fjord.

In this part of Norway, you can also visit the city of Bergen, known for its old port and funicular railway.

Finally, for lovers of extreme sports, the village of Voss is the perfect destination. Located in the middle of mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, the activities are very diverse.

Sørlandet, to blend in with the Norwegians on holiday

Known for its coastline, Southern Norway offers a wide range of activities.

The Sørlandet region is Norwegian’s favourite summer holiday destination, with its picturesque villages. In the countryside, the Setesdal valley offers beautiful hiking with a view of the Otra River.

Ostlandet, to meet the Viking culture

Ostlandet is the region of Oslo, the capital, which is famous for its many museums. This region is also a Viking territory with many historical sites, such as the village of Larvik.

Eastern Norway is also a very mountainous region, including Norway’s highest mountain: Galdhøpiggen.

For a sustainable tourism, the Femund Engerdal region is ideal. You can observe the rich wildlife and practice activities such as kayaking on Lake Femunden.


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Norway is a Nordic country, so winters (January and February) are very cold, especially in the North. But it is during this period that it is possible to see the Northern Lights (September to April).

The summer period is more pleasant for visiting this country, with July and August being the hottest months.

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