A green country, vast extents, meadows, hills, cliffs, and beer ! Ireland is a mysterious country full of surprises.

This country is traditionally divided into 4 provinces, one of which is partly owned by Northern Ireland. The most popular cities on the island are its capital Dublin but also Cork and Galway, where you can find the Irish spirit. But it is above all the landscapes made of green countryside and Atlantic cliffs that attract travelers.

Leinster and its rich history

Leinster is the largest province in Ireland and is the region of Dublin, the capital. With the Liffey River quays, its famous bars and cobbled roads, Dublin is undoubtedly a city that must be visited to discover Irish culture.

There are also many castles, such as the impressive Kilkenny Castle. Inland, Leap Castle, a typical Irish castle, makes it easy to imagine the many clan stories that have taken place there.

Finally, you can also see the ruins of the Black Castle in Wicklow, where you can enjoy a superb view of the Irish Sea. In the same county, the Wicklow Mountains and their national park are a great destination for hikers.

Munster, Ireland of the cliffs

It is in this province that the most famous cliffs of the country are located: the Moher cliffs. Further south, the natural stone bridges of the Bridge of Ross cliffs offer a unique landscape.

In the same region, the Dingle Peninsula offers a superb view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also home to Killarney National Park, the first and largest in Ireland. Thanks to its rich fauna and flora around its lakes and mountains, a hike in this park allows you to connect with the Irish nature.

For travellers who prefer the cities, Cork is a must-see, especially for its castle and cathedral. In Cork County, you can also visit the city of Cobh and its colourful houses.

Connacht, the wild Ireland

In this region, the city of Galway is known for its colourful and cobbled streets. It is in the county of the same name that Connemara, which inspired Michel Sardou, is located. How can we not fall in love with this wild nature swept by the winds ?

There are also many islands in Connacht. The Achille one and its large green spaces will seduce travellers looking for the typical Irish countryside. You can also visit the much smaller island of Clare, a mountainous island sparsely populated which invites to hike.

Ulster and its green landscapes

Most of this province does not belong to the State of Ireland but to Northern Ireland. Ulster is famous for its green landscapes and hiking.

For example, the Slieve League marine cliffs, the highest in Europe, are located in the northwestern part of the province. This site offers magnificent hikes with an extraordinary view. For less steep hikes, Lough Eske Lake, near the town of Donegal, is ideal.

Finally, less popular, the Inishowen Peninsula is a must-see for its white sandy beaches, green vegetation and azure blue water.


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It is well known that Ireland is a rainy country. The sunniest months are May and June, followed by the hottest summer months.

Winters are cold and very humid, especially around Cork and Galway.