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When planning a trip to England, the most complex thing to do is to know where to start. Indeed, the country has an incredible number of sites of interest. It must be said that, like the rest of the United Kingdom, England has a very rich history and culture. This has left it with a very large number of castles, towns and villages of incomparable beauty.

But England is also a beautiful island where the green landscapes, the cliffs flowing into the sea and the valleys will delight nature lovers.

Today, England is a multi-cultural country, with many influences linked to its past. This mixture shapes the country of today and tomorrow, which makes an exciting experience to meet the locals. Very funny, warm and proud of their country, the English will be delighted to show you the most beautiful places and the best activities.

London, the capital of the world

London is almost inevitable when visiting England. There is so much to discover and do that you need to stay there for several days. A multi-cultural megalopolis, it is a reflection of the country. London is a clever mix of tradition and modernity, with modern buildings and constructions that adjoin historic sites.

The best way to discover London is walking, it allows you to feel the atmosphere of each district. Among the most beautiful and atypical are Camden Town, which is particularly trendy, Notting Hill, which looks like a very colourful village, and Chelsea, a chic and luxurious district. A walk along the Thames is particularly pleasant and allows you to discover several major places in the English capital.

If history and architecture enthusiasts will particularly appreciate Westminster and Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard or the Tower of London and its Tower Bridge. Shopping lovers will go for a walk around Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Harrold’s. Finally, London is certainly one of the 3 world capitals of musicals, ranging from super productions to more intimate plays. You must not miss the opportunity to marvel at these exceptional shows.

The South East of England, the heart of English culture

The heart of English culture because it is in this part of the country, around the capital, that the country’s two main universities, where the most illustrious British people have lived, are located. Both Oxford and Cambridge are one and a half hours from London. Both are magnificent and reflect the great history of the United Kingdom. Film fans will be delighted to discover the locations of their favourite films, starting with Harry Potter. Do not ask an Englishman which one to visit… You risk falling into an endless debate.

But the south coast of England is also home to beautiful green landscapes and steep cliffs. The Seven Sisters are particularly impressive and easily accessible from the festive Brighton. This city has become a flagship destination because of the quality of its life, the atmosphere, its beaches and the many festivals throughout the year. It is appreciated by all travellers.

Arundel and its castle testifying to its past, Rye, this small typical village and Canterbury, one of the oldest cities in England and its cathedral will allow you to extend your stay in this magnificent part of the country.

Cornwall, Celtic territory in England

Like all Celtic territories, this region has a very different culture from the rest of the country.

Here the sumptuous landscapes are sublimated by the many small fishing villages that line the coast where there is an atmosphere that makes you want to stay and enjoy the moment.

If France has the Mont Saint-Michel, England has its own twin… St Michael’s Mount. A small mountain in the middle of the sea accessible by foot only at low tide. A castle overlooks a small village and a port. A magnificent excursion not to be missed.

Polperro is a small village that has kept its former appearance with its small fishing huts and its port where boats park. It is ideal for travellers looking for authenticity. It is possible to go out ton a boat to observe dolphins and seals.

Nature lovers will prefer to discover Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks, where there are many hikes and where you can discover all the beauty of England.

The West of England, for authenticity

The west of the country, from Bristol to the Scottish border, is the birthplace of many English celebrities.

How not to walk in the footsteps of the Beatles in Liverpool. This maritime city has many remarkable architectural buildings that are well worth a visit. A few kilometres away is the former industrial city of Manchester. The city has undergone a transformation, and is now one of the cities to discover for its culture, its shops, its music (Oasis, The Smiths…) and its many festivals. Manchester is a great city to stroll in.

Shakespeare is from Stratford-upon-Avon, where two world-famous theatres offer the opportunity to see some very beautiful plays. Nearby is the city of Birmingham, the 2nd largest city in the country, which has preserved its “British” charm. Marked both by the industrial revolution and by immigration from India and Pakistan, Birmingham is unique.

Finally, further south are the cities of Bath and Bristol. The first one is famous for its baths in the heart of the city and its Georgian architecture. Bristol, rich in a strong maritime past, is a magnificent city with many sites to visit. It is also a gateway to the world-famous Stonehenge site, at about 1h30.

England is an expensive country to travel to. Both because the prices of accommodation are high and the entrance fees for visits (especially to castles) are particularly expensive.

You will have to spend about 195€ per day on average for a trip to England. But you can get by for less than 55€ per day by sleeping in youth hostels, as well as 330€ for a more luxurious trip.

The cost of living in London is higher than in the rest of the country. You will have to be prepared to spend a little more, especially as there are many sights and monuments to discover.

Flights from France are very numerous and therefore very economical. You will have to count about 100€ to 150€ depending on your city.

Low budget


Daily expenses for meals with a small budget25€
Daily expenses for accommodation with a small budget15€
Daily expenses for transportation with a small budget15€
Daily expenses for activities with a small budget0€
Average budget


Daily expenses for meals with an average budget35€
Daily expenses for accommodation with an average budget120€
Daily expenses for transportation with an average budget20€
Daily expenses for activities with an average budget20€
High budget


Daily expenses for meals with a big budget70€
Daily expenses for accommodation with a big budget180€
Daily expenses for transportation with a big budget30€
Daily expenses for activities with a big budget50€
Average cost of flights Paris-London  Paris – London100€


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England is a country where it rains and is regularly cold, although temperatures do not vary much between seasons, so logically, the ideal time to visit is summer. It will be more pleasant to enjoy nature and the magnificent landscapes that can be found in the country.

Due to the festivities present throughout the year and a more favorable climate London is enjoyable regardless of the seasons. In winter you can enjoy the particularly magical Christmas holidays.

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