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Chile is a fascinating country that is full of unique and diverse natural landscapes. The shape of the country is unique: it is a narrow strip of land of about 4,300 kilometres long! Bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andes Cordillera to the east, Chile stretches from the Atacama Desert to Cape Horn. The famous Easter Island is also Chilean and allows you to discover a very different culture. It is an exciting and mysterious place.

Northern Chile

Northern Chile is mainly known for the Atacama Desert, which offers a diversity of incredible landscapes. From lunar rocks to lagoons at an altitude of 4000 metres, to magical salars and snow-covered volcanoes, this region is breathtaking!

Farthest north, there are also the regions of Iquique or Arica with beautiful beaches where you can surf.

Moving towards Santiago, the region of La Serena with its pleasant climate, is a must. You can discover its beautiful national parks and observe the magnificent starry sky of the southern hemisphere. The Elqui Valley is also worth a visit, to watch the production of Pisco, the famous Chilean alcohol.

Santiago de Chile’s region

Santiago is a very large city with a population of 7 million inhabitants. It is interesting to stop there to meet Chileans and discover the culture of the capital. You can visit the districts of Providencia or Bellavista or even go up to see the sunset at Cerro San Cristobal.

In the surroundings, it is interesting to go and see the vines or go hiking towards the Cordillera, in the Cajon del Maipo.

In the East, Valparaiso is a city close to Santiago, which you must discover! This group of multicoloured hills overlooking the ocean plunges travelers into a joyful and artistic atmosphere. Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción are the most popular hills, thanks to their magnificent wall paintings.

To swim, you can go to the beautiful beaches less popular than Viña del Mar, such as Maitencillo. And finally, for a dazzling panoramic view, head for the Dunes de Concón!

The Sur Chico and the lakes region

In the south of Santiago, there is once again a great diversity of landscapes. Concepción’s region is still not very touristy and yet offers a beautiful coast and many national parks. The lakes region looks like Canada with its dozens of lakes and thermal baths. But there are also superb araucaria forests and snow-covered volcanoes: a luxuriant nature!

“He who does not know the Chilean forests, does not know the planet.” – Pablo Neruda, famous Chilean poet

Further south, the island of Chiloé is another unique place to discover. With its wooden churches, its legends and splendid natural expanses, Chiloé is unique in South America.

Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

This immense region is full of natural treasures. Taking the Carretera Austral allows you to discover national parks, rivers, forgotten ports, impressive mountains such as the Cerro Castillo and turquoise lakes. The further south you go, the closer you get to glaciers and lost villages, some of which are only accessible by boat. Then, Torres del Paine Park, is at the heart of an incredible natural environment that hasn’t been fully explored by man yet. Once in the Strait of Magellan, you can go and see penguins or even whales from Punta Arenas. Even if Chile also has land in Antarctica, we already feel at the end of the world!

Chile is one of the most expensive destinations in South America. However, it remains an extremely affordable country compared to Europe.

An average budget of around 95€ per day is required. The most economical will manage to organize a trip for less than 25€ per day. But there are also options for a more luxurious trip that involves a budget of 205€.

There are many bus lines in the country, which is a very economical way to travel between cities.

Tourist areas (especially in the south of the country) are generally more expensive than in the rest of the country. In Patagonia and Easter Island prices are generally twice as high due to the isolation.

Flights from France are between 800 and 900€. Spain offers more flights to Chile, often with lower prices.

Low budget


Daily expenses for meals with a small budget10€
Daily expenses for accommodation with a small budget10€
Daily expenses for transportation with a small budget5€
Daily expenses for activities with a small budget0€
Average budget


Daily expenses for meals with an average budget25€
Daily expenses for accommodation with an average budget50€
Daily expenses for transportation with an average budget10€
Daily expenses for activities with an average budget10€
High budget


Daily expenses for meals with a big budget50€
Daily expenses for accommodation with a big budget120€
Daily expenses for transportation with a big budget20€
Daily expenses for activities with a big budget15€
Average cost of flights Paris-Santiago  Paris – Santiago820€

Chile is so large that there are different climates depending on the region. In the North, the climate is dry and in the South it is polar!

So there are places to see all year round. But do not forget that the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. Summer begins in December and winter in June.


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If you are afraid of the cold, June, July and August are the months to avoid from the center to the south of the country. However, it is the ideal time to discover the Chilean ski slopes during the summer of the northern hemisphere.

If you want to go to Patagonia, favour the milder summer season.

Finally, for Easter Island, the climate is almost always favourable except in June when it is rainier.

To sum up, in the North the weather is always nice or very warm. In Santiago it is cold only from June to August. The further down you go towards Tierra del Fuego, the longer the winter is.

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