Belgium is a small country nestled between Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the North Sea. Although it is popular for its “French fries”, beer, chocolate or waffles, it also hides natural, cultural and architectural treasures!

There are 3 main Belgian regions: the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders in the north, the French-speaking region of Wallonia in the south and the bilingual Brussels-Capital Region. There is also a German-speaking community in eastern Wallonia.

Often called the “flat country”, Belgium has no mountains but ideal forests for nature lovers. For those who like altitude, it is necessary to discover the superb Belgian cultural and architectural heritage on the top of the Gothic cathedrals.

“Belgium is a country of mist and wind, dunes and rain, with this low sky, this grey sky where the black bell towers of the cathedrals rise.” – Luc Baba, Belgian writer

Brussels, French-speaking enclave in the Flemish country:

In addition to the famous Grand-Place and the Manneken-Pis, the capital offers a variety of activities and places to visit. You can see a puppet show at the Toone Royal Theatre or stroll through the flea market in the trendy district of the Marolles. To discover the artistic Brussels, the Musical Instruments Museum is a place to see, at least for the incredible architecture of its building. Finally, to immerse yourself in the world of modern design, the ADAM museum will surprise you!

In northern Belgium, the Flemish Region :

The Flemish region, commonly known as Flanders, is full of beautiful cities with many cultural monuments but also has beautiful coastlines.

First, the Flemish coast charms visitors looking for walks, for a swim or simply to enjoy the sea air. The cities of Knokke, Ostend or Furnes, with its beautiful square, are worth mentioning. Still in the East, Bruges is a must-see destination. This city immerges travellers into a romantic atmosphere with its canals, paved streets and medieval buildings. From Bruges, a day trip to Damme allows you to discover the surroundings of this former major port city. To discover it as well as possible, you need to go there by bike!

Close to the French border, the cities of Poperinge, Ypres or Kortrijk are worth a visit! Discover places less frequented by tourists such as: the Talbot House, the In Flanders Fields Museum, the Broel Towers.

Less known than Bruges or Antwerp, Ghent is full of charm! This student city seduces all travellers with its sumptuous medieval architecture that we can see from Saint-Bavon Cathedral to the banks of the Leie. The best way to visit the city: get lost in its lovely streets!

Finally, further west, Antwerp is a port city where you can visit beautiful museums. To change from classic museums, you can go through the Plantin-Moretus museum dedicated to printing, or the MAS.

In the South, the Walloon Region:

Wallonia also has magnificent sites to explore.

To the east, Tournai with its majestic cathedral is a city next to the French border that gives a beautiful overview of Wallonia. Similarly, Mons is a very important city for Walloon culture. In Lessines, the Notre-Dame-à-la-Rose Hospital is a jewel of Belgian heritage.

Then, towards the centre, there is Namur, with its medieval citadel and its pretty city centre. Not far away, Dinant, at the bottom of the cliffs along the Meuse, still seems to be a 19th century village with its many half-timbered houses. There are many things to see, including the House of Pataphonia, the magnificent castle of Vêves, the citadel or the wonderful cave….

In the south of Wallonia, the Semois valley is very beautiful, we can go to Bouillon to see its old fortified castle.

For castle lovers, the Reinhardstein castle in western Wallonia has maintained its medieval atmosphere. Around Malmedy you can go hiking, the beautiful landscapes seduce travellers!

Finally, according to Brel, the “craziest city in Belgium” is Liège. In addition to the city’s essential medieval treasures, you can also visit the Musée De La Boverie, the former Palais des beaux-arts.


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There is no bad season to go to Belgium. It is best to go in summer and mid-season, between May and September. But in winter, you can easily visit this country and enjoy its large cities.

You can expect a little bit of rain all year round and cold weather especially in January and February.

To swim on the coast, it is preferable to go there during the months of July, August and September. In spring, it is very pleasant to travel to Belgium because the temperatures are milder than in summer. In autumn you can marvel at the beautiful colours of the Belgian forests.

Maisons multicolores le long de la rivière à Castres lors d'un voyage sur mesure en France


Château de Neuschwanstein surplombant la plaine verte autour lors d'un voyage sur mesure en Allemagne



The Netherlands

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