How it works?

Carte de voyage avec pointeur de localisation


Your destination and the kind of activity you like.

Icone de discussion avec deux bulles


With a local in order to define the best activities you can do in each city.

Icone d'un calendrier avec le jour 7


A personalized itinerary suggested by your Triplanner based on your preferences.

Icone d'un passeport et d'une carte d'identité


Your trip and the activities recommended by your Triplanner.

What can I expect?

Why to use Mytriplan?

Deux bulles de discussion entrecroisées

You contact directly a local in order to explain your wishes and expectations for your trip.

You receive a fully customized triplan. Every steps and activities were specially selected for you.

Carte avec un itinéraire de voyage tracé
Horloge pointant sur 2h

You save precious time in the organization of your trip, the locals are making the research for you.

Who are our Triplanners?

A Triplanner is a local inhabitant of the city or region you visit and who loves it and knows it better than anyone else. He can find activities, places and events that correspond to your expectations and that you cannot find in paper guides or on internet. 

Your Triplanner would be able to plan your trip faster and better than if you had to make your own researches.

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